Stage 5


Players in this category are adult representative players.
These players have the capacity to go beyond the rehearsed repertoires,
strategies and tactical solutions and innovate when the situation demands.
Highly competitive and driven they should be excellent in their positional &
functional roles as well as have the capacity to fulfil multiple roles
in general movement play.
They must have the ability to deal with the pressure of
public expectation, interest and intrusion together with
self-management and self-development.
The principles of adult learning together with the
characteristics of champion athletes imply that
coaches must release rather than restrict the potential
of the players and other coaching staff, otherwise the
potential for creativity and responsibility will be stifled.
With player accountability comes player responsibility
and relevant player control. For this to occur the coach must
create an environment where trust and respect between all squad
members is established while still maintaining ultimate responsibility for team
performance and results.
This is the ‘business end’ of rugby, elite/professional sport is about winning
and there’s not much consolation in losing. Analysing & exploiting opponents
weaknesses while hiding and protecting your own weaknesses is a main
characteristic of this stage.
However, by consistently improving performance and achieving desired outcomes
the incidents of winning will ultimately increase.