Paid up club members are covered under the IRFU’s Compulsory Insurance Scheme;
This is a minimum level of cover.

For Youths
Personal Insurance which covers medical and Dental expenses (24hr cover) is available for Primary/Secondary School students.
This Personal Insurance cover is available for as little as €7 per year.

(Ask coordinators/coaches for details)

For Adults , See letter below

Tom Milne
Tullamore Rugby Football Club
Co. Offaly 09th September 2014

Re: Complete Protection Package for Rugby Players

Hi Tom,

Further to our recent discussions please find enclosed details on an all in one insurance policy that may suit your rugby players and staff alike. My primary thought with this policy was that it had to be low-priced and still cover all possible eventualities. The key benefits provided by this policy are as follows:

- Life Cover €50,000
- Accelerated Serious Illness Cover €50,000
- Permanent Total Disability (own occupation) €50,000
- Short Term Income Protection (PAB) €400 per week ( deferred 2 weeks)
- Policy Term 15 years
- Premiums Fixed and can never be increased or reviewed
- Policy can be extended with no medical evidence required irrespective of the state of your future health

Insurance Companies base their premiums for protection products on the amount of cover required, the length of cover required, the age of the insured at the start of the policy, their current health and whether they are smokers or non-smokers as smokers pay substantially more for their protection policies. Most policies once started the premiums are fixed so even though each year you are getting older you still only pay the premium as if we were the age and health that you commenced the policy at.

So the earlier you start a policy the cheaper the costs will be..........

Age Next Birthday ( Male & Female) Fixed Monthly Cost for Non Smokers
20 Next €32.72 PM
25 Next €33.36 PM
30 Next €36.42 PM
35 Next €42.16 PM
39 Next €49.00 PM

# Smokers could pay as much as 50% more than non smoker costs

Tom it’s a great package and one that all your playing members should give serious consideration to. Rugby is a dangerous sport and injuries happen all the time. This policy will provide financial support in the event of a short term injury and in the event of a more serious injury or illness. These injuries or illnesses do not even have to happen on the rugby pitch as this policy “protects at all times”.

If any of your members want to discuss with me they can call my office or my mobile 086/8318120 or we could arrange a meeting on site for anyone who’s interested.

Thanks again and take care of yourself,

Billy Meagher