Code of Conduct for Parents

Remember, young people play rugby for

their enjoyment, not only yours.

Encourage your child always to play by the
Laws of the Game.

Teach young children that honest endeavour
is as important as winning, so that the
result of each game is accepted without

Help young people to work towards skill
improvement and good sportsmanship.

Set a good example by applauding
good play on both sides.

Never ridicule, humiliate or shout at young
players for making a mistake or losing
a match.

Do not place emphasis on winning at all costs.

Do not force an unwilling child to participate
in the playing of rugby. If the child is to play,
he/she will do so in good time through your

Support all efforts to remove verbal &
physical abuse from rugby.

As a spectator do not use profane language
or harass referees, coaches or players.

Do not publicly question the referee’s
judgement and never their honesty.

Recognise the value and importance of
volunteer referees and coaches.

Identify and acknowledge the good qualities
of the Game of Rugby and uphold these

Remember you and your child’s contribution
to the Game of Rugby is very important to
the IRFU and be proud of your contribution.

Understand the value of team sport and its