Important Concussion information

   30 Oct 2015

Dear Honorary Club Secretary,

In September we communicated the protocols for the management of concussion. Subsequent to this
communication, there has been a small number of instances in which concussion management
protocols were not fully complied with or understood. Due to importance of these protocols to the
welfare of players, the IRFU will be implementing a monitoring and review process to ensure
compliance with all guidelines and protocols. With immediate effect, it is requested that the
following protocols be re- circulated to the various sections of your club and specifically team
management (i.e. Coach, Manager and Medical personnel):

 There is no Head Injury Assessment (HIA), pitch side concussion assessment (PSCA)
or concussion bin in the amateur game in Ireland.

 Players with suspected concussion cannot be temporarily replaced by a substitute and
may not return to the playing area.

 Under Law 3.9, if the referee decides, with or without the advice of a doctor or other
medically qualified person, that a player should stop playing, the referee may order that
player to leave the playing area. The referee may also order an injured player to leave the
field in order to be medically examined.

 Any player with suspected or confirmed concussion, MUST be removed immediately from
training/play and not return. They should be medically assessed and MUST not be left
alone or MUST not drive a vehicle. They are required to follow the IRFU Graduated Return
to Play protocol, which is a minimum of 23 days for U20-U6 players and a minimum of 21
days for adult players. All concussions must be reported on the IRFU Serious Injury and
Concussion Report form and sent to the respective Branch office.

The form is available on 


Please ensure everyone in your club including your coaches, referees, family members, junior and
senior players watch the IRFU concussion education videos and view our concussion guidelines on
www.irishrugby.ie/concussion and for all your coaches to attend a SAFE Rugby course