Certificate in Entrepreneurship

   12 Jan 2016


About this Course
This exciting new programme has been designed to enhance the skills of those interested in the area of entrepreneurship and innovation. The main aim of this course is to provide an opportunity for students to develop the technical, entrepreneurial, interpersonal, innovation and managerial knowledge, skills and competencies required for a variety of job opportunities in their own business.


The programmes intends:
* To provide the students with a knowledge of those business disciplines which form the basis for a successful career as an entrepreneur.
* To develop the students understanding of the environmental factors which impact upon entrepreneurial development, the innovation culture, the growth, and the success of modern business organisations.
* To increase the students awareness of how effective interpersonal relations at work contributes to the public image of an organisation and to its success.
* To enhance students awareness of potential business and innovation opportunities, sources of finance, appropriate technologies, marketing strategies and social media tools appropriate to the modern business environment.
* To cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation among students.
* To develop the students communication skills.

Entry Requirements
(a) Mature applicants (i.e. over 23 years of age)
(b) Leaving Certificate Grade D3 in five subjects at ordinary level (or equivalent) to include mathematic and a language
(English or Irish), or equivalent.
Entry requirements will be reviewed as part of the development of AIT’s RPL policy

Long Description
The course will also comprise learning in the area of professional development and career planning. All students will participate in a work-placement. Opportunity will also be given to the participants to discuss real life situations, have site visits and to benefit from the experiences of others. Group work, team based learning and discussions will facilitate development of a broad view and will facilitate peer-supported learning, team-working and creativity.

Course Content will include the following:

Learning and Development for Higher Education
The Business Environment and the Entrepreneur
Digital Marketing Applications 1 & 2
Marketing and Sales Management
Business Planning
Professional Development, Career Planning and Mentoring
Entrepreneurial Skills
Creativity and Innovation
Career Opportunities
In preparation for work placement Mentored Approach, students will undertake a detailed induction on Institute expectations in relation to operating in a working environment. This will be supplemented with a specific module that comprises learning in the area of professional development and career planning to include job search techniques, CV preparation and design, interview skills, assertiveness and self-esteem and confidence. The group will also undertake some occupational testing for example the 16PF/15FQ, the industry-standard selection and development assessment. Other possible tests they may take are a paper-based Myers-Briggs profile, or the NEO, another trait instrument which gives a 30-factor profile. All tests used are based on extensive research and strongly linked to work-related outcomes and job performance. Their respective outcomes will then be aligned with training that will give them a strong sense of their management, leadership, team and work-related personality style. The training itself will focus on interpreting and applying the profile to the focus of the course learning outcomes and the implications for their own personal and performance, development and future work. Group work, team based learning and discussions will facilitate development of a broad view and will facilitate peer-supported learning, team-working and creativity.

Delivery Location
Tullamore, Co Offaly.

Delivery Notes
Mix of online/distance and on-campus

Admissions Contact Details
Ms Janine King

Department of Lifelong Learning, Athlone Institute of Technology, Dublin Road, Athlone, Co. Westmeath.

(090) 6483050


RPL Information
An RPL applicants is assisted by a member of staff at each stage of the RPL process. To avail of RPL, an applicantshould complete the RPL application form and return the form to the admissions officer at the institute, in advance of theclosing date which is set by the relevant school/department. On receipt of a detailed application form, the designatedmentor (a staff member from the relevant school/department) will speak with theapplicant. On review of the application, applicants who are advised that they may proceed to the next step will receiveadvice and support on the portfolio production from the designated mentor. Production of portfolio should typically take 1month. On completion, the applicant will submit the portfolio to the relevant head of department. The head of departmentwill designate academic staff, who teach the target programme, to assess the completed portfolio, interview the applicantand recommend exemptions/credits to the programme board. Admissions Officer will inform the applicant in writing of theoutcome of the RPL assessment within a reasonable period.