Vision 2021

Following or Club Review entitled Vision 2021 ( April 2016)

Below are our Short to Medium Term Goals

  • car parking on Saturday morning
  • taking on more numbers - can we handle
  • more coaches help- senior players or end of career players
  • Player retention - youth to adult
  • Referees- we need more
  • Long term plan for all weather pitch -training and parking
  • develop hill as all weather
  • long term arrangement for alternate training areas
  • recruitment of more help-new and list of roles
  • volunteer coordinator in the club-is there help from Leinster branch-benefits-why help
  • can senior players help out with one off sessions
  • comments from the sideline over the top -put up a sign , players are kids....
  • mini parents encouraged to get kids to youths (mini-youth-adult-coach-ref...how)
  • communicate with parents"parents will give help"
  • parents day to get people involved-fun day-night out-parents night needs to be free (taxi,entry,drink etc..)
  • safe rugby course, approach and communicate to parents
  • big screen like in credit union to use to communicate messages.
  • use coaches "at minis" more delegate work
  • parking- educate our own
  • big day a month into the season
  • social media- were behind other clubs-videos-photos need to be more active