20 Oct 2017

After a riveting and spellbinding evening of music at the Tullamore Club Sessions
last month, the club returns with another duo of musicians who are sure to
produce an equally magical evening of traditional Irish music.

On the 20th of October the club will be hosting harpist Laoise Kelly and uilleann
piper Tiarnan Ó Duinnchinn. These ancient and symbolic traditional Irish
instruments come together beautifully to serve up an entrancing feast of varying
sounds. In the hands of such capable and well-respected artists audiences are
guaranteed to be treated to an evening that will not be forgotten.

Laoise Kelly from Mayo has been described as the most significant harper of her
generation. Throughout her career she has recorded on over 60 albums and with
many of Ireland’s foremost artists including poet Seamus Heaney, The Chieftains
and Sharon Shannon. She has toured and performed globally and is regarded as
having revolutionised the harp as a solo instrument. She is an innovative and
exuberant artist who has captured the spirit of modern Irish music in a way that
few others have done to date.

She has collaborated with many musicians over the years and one of her latest
collaborations is with piper Tiarnan Ó Duinnchinn. Ó Duinnchinn is an award
winning uilleann piper from Monaghan. His mastery of the pipes, a notoriously
difficult instrument, is without question and leaves no doubt about the subtleties of
his musical inventiveness.
The pair have only recently released an album together called ‘Ar Lorg na

Also guesting on the night is Fergus McGorman on Flute and Paddy Mc Evoy on

This is an evening of traditional music which should not be missed. The Tullamore
Club Sessions are proud to continue bringing top class artists to the midlands
whose music can be experienced in the intimate and cosy setting provided by the
Tullamore Rugby Club.

The concert takes place on the 20th of October 2017 at the Tullamore Rugby
Club. Doors open at 19:30 and music begins at 20:00. Tickets can be purchased
in advance or on the door. For more information contact 087 2661822.